Blackjack strategies at Diceland Casino

A blackjack game is one of the few casino games that a player can learn to beat, with some study and memorization, and our blackjack at Diceland is no different. Blackjack strategy is simple and useful in any situation, either online at the card table. A strategy chart gives you the tools you need to know what the best move is for each possible hand. Inputting the cards in your hand and the dealer card that is showing will show whether you should hit, stand, split, or double down. If you want to learn the beat the house, even our online house, all it takes is studying and remembering the information on the charts.

Now, we're not going to make it too easy for you. Each variation of blackjack has its own strategies and tools. The odds are based on the deck the dealer uses, and the rules that apply to splitting and doubling down. The trick to increasing your odds of winning is learning the rules of the table that you're playing at, and finding a chart that applies to those rules.

Blackjack strategies can be found in books on card games or online for free. Spending some time researching these strategies can be fruitful for any game, whether it's a high-stakes buy in for cash, or a friendly game with friends for pennies. So spend some time learning some new strategies, and then come visit us at Diceland to test your newfound skills. A little reading may be all that stands between you and a big win.